We’ve Moved!

Tobin’s Refinishing & Repair has finally relocated to our new facility at:

6750 Pickard Dr.

Syracuse, NY 13211

We are thrilled to be offering you the same exceptional service and quality and look forward to you visitiing us at our new location!

Tobin’s Refinishing

Tobin’s Refinishing & Repair has been CNY’s #1 furniture repair and restoration company for over 40 years. We offer services such as paint and varnish stripping, chair caning and rushing, wood repairs, sanding, staining, painting, and professional finishing of wood furniture and antiques. We restore conference tables, office chairs, desks, trunks, kitchen cabinets, dining room tables, dressers, and almost anything wooden. We provide free e-mail and in-person estimates, as well as local pickup and delivery available.

We are often asked; “Is this worth refinishing?’ The simple answer? We don’t know! Do you like it? Is it a family heirloom? Does it fit in your home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Then, most likely it’s worth getting refinished. The other major consideration is the quality of older furniture. Let’s be honest, even todays best manufactures have a hard time matching the craftsmanship of yesteryear.


Care Counts

Years ago there was a repair shop for every item in your home. Sadly, most have gone away. Today it seems most products are replaced easier than repaired. Furniture being an exception to the rule. Our craftsmen have the skill and experience to perform a wide variety of repairs, from a loose chair to full re-veneer.


Modern and Safe

The first step in the refinishing process. This is where the old finish or, in other words, the protective coating is removed. This exposes the wood and allows sanding to remove surface damage and imperfections. Our experience allows us to fully strip off a wide array of finishes, even on the most delicate of pieces.


Time Tested Methods

Finishing is the finial piece of the puzzle. After hours of prep work, adding color and finish completes the refinishing process. Choosing the proper color to enhance the natural beauty of the grain is where customer input is the greatest. We offer a wide range of colors, using top quality stains and dyes to meet your desires. Finally, come time for the finish. We practice a five (5) coat process; two (2) coats of a sealer followed by no less than three (3) coats of lacquer to ensure complete protective barrier of protection. Providing years of lasting beauty and durability.

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Our work speaks for itself. Take a look at some of the hundreds of pieces that pass through our shop each year.