This past year, historic St. Patrick’s/St. Brigid’s Church underwent a complete interior renovation in anticipation of celebrating our 150th anniversary in the Tipperary Hill neighborhood on Syracuse’s west side. We wanted to use a local company. We entrusted Tobins Refinishing with the job of removing the existing pews and refurbishing them and the results speak for themselves! They not only did an excellent job refinishing and also repairing many of the pews, they did so in a very professional manner, with safety being a top priority. They were very easy to work with and completed the work on time. In addition to the refinishing the pews, they also refurbished the exterior doors and again, did an amazing job, with great attention to detail. We could not be happier with their work and would highly recommend them for any kind of wood work.


Father Kevin Maloney


Dear Tobin’s team: 

I wanted to personally thank you for the job you did on my desk. I have had this desk for over 25 years, and I am the third attorney to own this desk since it was built in approximately 1906 by National Desks of Herkimer, New York. The first attorney, Alexander Saul, spent 43 years with the desk before it came into the hands of Richard Ames. I purchased the desk from Dick Ames in 1993 after it served Mr. Ames for over 44 years. While the desk has a proud history of service to three law careers, and an endless number of clients, it was definitely in need of repair and restoration. I did not want the desk to lose its stately traditional appearance for a modem look. I was thrilled with the outcome and it far exceeded my expectations. I appreciated your personal excitement at taking on the project and then working with me to pick the property finish that really pulls out the beautiful black walnut grain. The restoration was completed on time and as promised. 

The desk has now found a new home in the chambers here in Madison County and it fits in beautifully with the newly restored Courthouse, which was built at nearly the same time as the desk. It is a pleasure to come work at such a fine piece of furniture. I am looking to find its next owner in the coming years so that I can pass this desk onto another attorney to find in their law career. 

Great job! Very truly yours,
Michael St. Leger